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atelier Carlijn Claire

white serpent's collision

white serpent's collision

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white serpent's collision (2022)
evoking the dance of primordial energy and rebirth

description ༄

blind embossment lino art print inspired by the ancient art of alchemy and wisdom of Nature. They show you the animated forces of the polarised world we live in ~ the light and the dark, above and below, masculine and feminine ~ and their point of union in the center.  They whisper a soft message for hard times.

materials ༄
Fabriano etching paper
Each piece is unique and will have small variations in the shape and hue of the paper.

dimensions  ༄
150 x 210 mm (unframed)
180 x 240 (framed) 


a blind-embossment (also known as debossing) is the process of pressing a design or pattern into the surface of paper or cardstock without adding any ink or foil. The result is a raised, tactile image that can be seen and felt. A delicate, subtle relief in paper, made in my studio with a heavy etch press.

for some pieces I combine this technique with chine-collé; I add a small torn piece of thin handmade Chinese or Japanese paper in the middle of the etching paper, then I place the plate with the design on top and roll it through the etch press.

lino-cutting is the technique I use for creating most molds or plates that carry the design; I draw on a piece of linoleum (made of linseed oil, pine resin and cork dust) and remove the lines with lino cutting tools. With a mold I can create a few pieces, each slightly different due to the qualities and differences of the paper - some of them finished with a touch of coloured pencil.

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the purchase of this print supports my journey in the arts, spreading more beauty into the world and raising awareness of our interconnectedness with Nature, the unseen worlds, feminine energy and multi-dimensionality. Re-souling and remembering!

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