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"through the arts I explore and remember how we are rooted in Nature, interconnected and multi-dimensional - lifting the veils to the unseen realms and life's deep mysteries."

I resonate genuinely with animism, the intuitive knowing that everything is alive, that everything speaks - sings its song, that travels through our senses in sound, shape, colour and movement.

and so, I honour the towering trees, blooming flowers, swirling rivers, soaring birds and our own bodies' magnificence. Singing their soul's song through my work.

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diving deeper:

The state of art

In past times, art was solely in service of spirit - the unseen realms and tapestry of energies that permeate and connect all. Ceremonial and transcendental. The very first works of art were depictions of animals, spirits, sacred geometric shapes - later gods & goddesses and humans entered the field. We were in close connection to Nature, the hidden worlds, the elements and what we may call the subconscious. Expressing our harmony with the natural world and the powers of Nature through motion, sound, drawing and other forms of creating. But times changed on Earth and we moved from firmly rooted, soul-based co-living with our environment to a more individualised, separated state of being. From right-brain brotherhood to left-brain lore. Many forms of artistic expression became tools for restoring the lost harmony, to remember our origin. Utilising its resonant functional aspect to communicate with and to re-establish natural kinship.

This is where I land with my work, what I wish to reawaken. As Mondrian beautifully stated an age ago: ‘through our intuition, the universal in us can become so active.. pushes aside our individuality. Then art can reveal itself. Art advances where religion once led - its task is pure expression of that incomprehensible force that is universally active.’ Art is a picture of the spirit, embodied in many forms, articulating what it means to be human, naturally - also beyond the physical. Providing a way or even tool to commune with the subtle dimensions of living that go beyond the mind, beyond reasoning and the intellect. Unveiling nature's mysteries.

Making my own paints

When possible I make my paints from scratch, using natural materials, ancient methods & recipes and my very own hands. Working with primary earth materials reveals its mysterious relationship with our own natures. I get to know matter when I make paint; it is deeply satisfying to feel their textures and qualities, their energy and how they collaborate. I do use synthetic, modern pigments in case the ancient ones involve animal harm, like sepia or carmine.

De Kat in Zaandam is my favourite place to gather pigments - it is the last traditional pigment mill left on Earth, and the place where painters of the old days, like Rembrandt, used to find their materials. It’s a library of great ocres from Europe, more exotic semi-precious stone pigments like malachite - favourite of the Egyptians -  and lapis lazuli - back in the days more precious than gold and used for saint’s robes & heavenly skies in religious paintings - and sacred resins like copal, elemi and myrrh. 

Sustainability and sourcing materials

I nourish a growing desire to contribute to a more sustainable, circular and responsible approach to art practice - and try to use recycled, natural materials where ever I can. I find precious pieces on the streets of Amsterdam, wood panels in the basement of the old midwife school I live and work in. I receive old Kimono wrappings from my friend Marco who owns a Japanese antique store on Prinsengracht. I find recycled Khadi cotton paper and European hemp sheets at De Vlieger on the Amstel river, who also provide me of fine, handmade Moriki paper and mulberry bark.

Alchemizing a piece of art

The proces of gathering and making materials is as much part of the artwork as the end result itself, an alchemy of energies and intentions of all who are involved - the plants and trees who give their matter, the moods of people handling them and thoughts of they who transport. The attention, care and love I transmit. The vibrations of the sacred oils mixed into the paints, the frequencies of gold and the space where the work is created. The alchemy of the elements and ingredients. My intuition and guidance from the subtle realms and dreamtime. The symbols, hidden codes and shapes weaved into an image. They all merge into a piece of art. And they all merge with your field, feelings and subconscious, touching your soul and moving the spirit. 

Q & A


Do you offer commissions?

I can offer commissions if you are looking for something in the styles I create. I don't offer commissions in other styles or copying other artists.

If you are interested in a bespoke piece for your space, please contact me using my contact form for a no obligation chat. If I think I can do it justice then I'll provide a quote, if not I will always be honest and say so. If that's the case I have access to a wide network of artists and would be happy to suggest one to you.

now, I am growing older, but feeling younger. Wiser, more embodied, more playful.

stepping onto the stage of life's divine comedy with radiance and a big smile, as it's all a lot more fun if we don't take it so serious. I am discovering the fluidity of time and space, forever diving deeper into the mysteries of creation ~ each morning waking up with curiosity when the first sun-rays hit my cheeks. Moving through the day with a child-like sense of wonder: amazed by the opening of a flower, the source of the wind, the many new and unique faces I encounter on the street mirroring the billions of stars upon the night's sky.

my nature is joyous, curious, creative and sensual.

I am always learning and thrive when visiting undiscovered places, meeting new people or integrating more skills and knowledge.

we are born in an interesting time with great shifts, moving into self-mastery through alchemizing our shadows, limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns into pure gold. Pure love. Remembering our soul and source. Activating our divine potential, that goes beyond everything you could ever imagine. This greatly intrigues me. What will the future bring? I do know that it starts within ourselves, right here and right now. Looking back to the past few years I went through deep journeys. A dark night of the soul ~ realising that both heaven ánd hell are within ~ experiencing depression, fear of death, panic and addiction. Which culminated in a week full of midnight ecstasies and other curious occurrences once I surrendered and got 'through the tunnel'.

ever since, my life is quite an adventure! My voice opened, I started painting, singing and dancing again, playing multiple instruments and speaking in poetry. My creativity is flourishing ~ receiving the wisdom and inspiration that wishes to be shared, guided by my soul, source and many benevolent unseen forces.

I feel we collectively start to remember again: remembering how we are rooted in Nature, the unseen worlds, the divine and the multiverse - all intricately interconnected.

remembering that we know a far greater potential than what we were told. Expanding our body and mind's capacities. Shifting timelines. Remembering our soul's journey and what we're here to learn. Unveiling our deep earthy roots, burning inner sun and vibrant light pillar that reaches high into the celestial realms. Awakening ancestral knowledge, animism, inner alchemy and 'supernatural' powers. Finding truth in the myths, songs and cosmologies of the old days, slowly decoding the messages the ancient civilisations left behind, set in stone and story. Rediscovering the power of ritual and ceremony, in tune with the natural cycles. Acknowledging our innate connection with the devic world, spirit realm and intergalactic beings. Tapping into our sovereignty; releasing the need for someone else to come safe us, or tell us what truth is.

sounds exiting, right? If you happen to read this; we're in this journey together - side by side. Recreating Eden on Earth. That place long forgotten, though thriving in our souls.

the work you find here is not my only field of play - I dance with different mediums and occupations.

from creating dance performances, to writing poetry and songs, working with little kids as a creative substitute teacher, bringing people together to sing, sharing the wisdom of plants and herbs through wild foraging walks, caring for elderly or disabled people, hand-poked tattooing, illustration work, sharing some tender and intuitive touch, hosting an event space and cooking delicious meals at retreats. All provided with a flavour of beauty and joy.

find my full portfolio and other endeavours on or discover bits of my world on Instagram.

musings from clients, friends and fellow artists:

  • s u s a n n e

    "At times when I feel homesick for heaven, Carlijn's work re-members me it's right here. I love how her imagery, drawing, painting, movement and sound - everything she channels - just helps me remember"

  • f a b i o

    "Her work is a gateway to connect me with my most soft and inspiring feminine energy - she herself makes me feel seen, safe and sexy, haha!"

  • a n d r e s

    "Female power and Carlijn Claire - are four words matching in harmony. She's an inspiring, positive friend & fellow artist, sensitive with all the beauty in this universe. In her way of seeing and living life she's always aware of Mother Nature's offers."

  • s o l e i l

    "Carlijn works with a fine hand and delicate precision, with an eye for detail and beauty - just like herself!"

  • l a u r a

    "Her art knows a touch of spirit. It has deeper layers, invites you to contemplate and above all - it creates awareness."

  • p r i c i l l a

    "She is manifesting higher energies through her being and work, activating the divine within ourselves."

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