capturing human//nature

the world as seen through wondrous eyes.
eyes that see poetry in the everyday, beauty in the mundane, the animacy of all form and the rhythmic songlines of landscape. I see how the unseen worlds shimmer through physicality, how Nature's refinement is never lost - just like our true human nature. Frames filled with metaphor, symbol and subtle signs - inviting the eyes they meet to open up to the hidden beauty that surrounds us.


all pictures are printed, mounted and framed at an internationally renowned photographic printing studio in Germany or London, depending on the shipping address. If you have other preferences regarding the framing and size of the photos - feel free to contact me to inform you about the options. For exhibitions I collaborate with the Amsterdam based print studio Fotolab De Inktfabriek.

you can find my full art and photography portfolio on - please get in touch for availability or any other requests.