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sacred objects to adorn your space

this is my cabinet of curiosities, a collection of carefully sourced and crafted objects to uplift the spirit and adorn your home temple.


I have been collecting and crafting altar pieces and other exceptional, animate objects since a young age. Accepting beautiful gifts from nature, flea markets, thrift- and antique stores. Studying art history and archaeology deepened my knowledge and working at an action house and gallery brought me experience, next to my regular museum visits. All sharpened by a strong intuition and delicate sense perception.

for me everything has spirit, is alive, conscious - and can be communicated with. Objects, stones, elements, materials. They all carry specific energies, can be charged with beneficial vibrations or connected with beings from the unseen realms - with permission.

all pieces have been energetically cleansed and charged before sharing them here. When there are specific energies and connections at play, they will be mentioned in the object's description.



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"sacred rituals were recreations of the acts of divine beings when life arose in the beginning of time. The performing of rites was not only a high calling, but a spiritual exchange that offered countless benefits to the participant."

Rosemary Clark in 'The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt'


ritual, rite and ceremony always had a special place in human life - and they still do. Our daily life is brimmed with ritual and little moments of ceremony - from your morning tea to a bed time prayer and the great return of ancient celebrations around the moon cycle, solstice and other astronomical events.

ritual and ceremony remember us that we are part of a greater whole, an immense unseen world of elements, cycles, beings and energies that are in constant communion with us. Strengthening the bonds between the human, divine and natural realms. It brings us awareness of the continuum of birth and death, each moment again - seen from a place of stillness, of peace and pure presence.

beauty is an essential part of these conscious acts; in ritual and ceremony we bring a high level of attention, love, care and adoration into every act. Creating a beautiful altar, adorning the body with flowers, delicate fabrics and scents, guided by enchanting music. Beauty making uplifts the spirit, honours the magnificence of creation and elevates each moment with a sense of grace.

I invite you to make living your life an art, to immerse yourself in its beauty. Embellish the body with care, dance your way through the day, sing and share your smile. Adorn your house with fresh flowers and objects that remember you of divinity and the unseen - creating a little paradise that may spread worldwide.

may my work be an aid in manifesting that magnificence.

ps. let ritual and ceremony be an expression of joy, play and reverence for the beauty of life - a celebration together with everything that speaks with you through the senses and beyond. Release the old programming of control and necessity around these sacred acts. We are no longer recreating the acts of divine beings, honouring gods and guru's ~ it is time that we embody the divine being that we are ourselves.