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"beauty is medicine"

adornment of the body we inhabit and the places we call home is something innately human. Our species excels in beauty making, since the beginning of time. Remember our ancestors who would dress in colours, feathers, beads, delicate fabrics, eloquent headpieces with animal horns, paired with ritual objects that were delicately decorated. Egyptian queens with black kohl around their deep dark eyes and gems embellishing their body. The tattooed warrior. Or the little ones collecting shells on the beach and stones in the woods to create a necklace or altar with precious finds.

often these ways of adornment express the brilliance of the unseen, of otherworldly experiences, beings and inner realities we wish to unite with the world of matter. These days many drift around on the surface in their expression, displaying wealth, status, the longing to be part of a culture or group ~ but the deeper layers of adornment, of beautifying the body and environment is never lost, I feel. The golden necklace, sourced from the depths of the earth, always radiates this warm light that speaks to our subconscious of source, sun and stars. We are naturally drawn to shine, shimmer, glow and glimmer, as this is where we come from. The endless skies of dazzling stars.

adornment, ornament and the art of beautifying are deeply feminine in nature ~ marking our innate connection with the underlying patterns and geometries that are present in the whole natural world. It transports us from the mundane to the eternal. Imagine the elaborately decorated and adorned cathedrals, full of colour, patterns, flowers, stars, figures in precious gowns and golden ornament. Imagine a woman delicately dressed, with flowers in her long wavy hair, red lips, a shimmering moonstone pendant accentuating her collarbones. All beauty elevates, uplifts, knows a transcendent nature.

To me it is great medicine.